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Arka Elevators is a Hyderabad based well established Elevator/Escalator. We have products in market according to the purpose of the building. The main segments are residential building, hotels, hospital buildings and retails buildings (Malls). We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of high quality elevators and lifts including industrial elevators, glass elevators, heavy duty elevators, building glass elevators etc. We have developed cutting edge advanced elevator technology, meeting the safety and quality requirements of varied regions.

  • Traction

    Traction elevators are lifted by ropes, which pass over a wheel attached to an electric motor above the elevator shaft. They are used for mid and high-rise applications and have much higher travel speeds than hydraulic elevators. Traction units much more suitable for higher-rising, modern buildings. Modern traction elevators use a variable voltage, variable frequency (VVVF) drive to improve ride quality and reduce energy consumption. This is because they use counterweight for balancing the cab’s weight. Geared technology combines a smooth, quiet ride, accurate levelling, and energy efficiency through the use of counterweights.

  • home

    Forget everything you thought you knew about home elevators. Our environmentally friendly, state-of-the-art Home lifts help you and your family members move between floors with ease. You can enjoy the luxury of a home elevator without all the hassles of traditional elevators. You don’t need a lot of room in your home for one of our vacuum home elevators. Our lifts do not require an equipment room and there is no need for a pit/well under the bottom floor or above the top floor for these elevators. Our name is enlisted amongst trusted and eminent companies for offering a large array of Single Phase Residential Lifts to the customers.

  • hydraulic

    We bring in a wide variety of Hydraulic lifts that are manufactured by using quality raw material and is procured from reliable sources and as per international quality standards. Hydraulic elevator require lesser amount of space because their hoistway doesn’t require as much space. These units are much more effective when it comes to lifting higher loads. The hydraulic systems have long been known to provide higher lifting power compared to traction ropes. Under normal circumstances with regular preventive maintenance, many hydraulic elevators last more than 20 years before requiring major upgrades.

  • hospital

    Hospital elevators are used for simple transportation of a patient on wheelchair to wheeling away a critical patient on stretcher without disturbing his life support system with doctors and nurses, smoothly, silently and swiftly, without jerks and shocks. Elevators for medical purpose are vertical transport equipment used in hospital and other relevant places to move patients and surgical instruments. Arka Elevators offers Hospital elevator in Auto Door and Manual door operation.The lifts can be traction machine based or hydraulic machine based depending on the machine room location.

  • goods

    These are meant specially for industrial Purpose . Goods lifts are of course made strudy and rugged provided no willful damage is done to it. We have design goods lifts for weight up to 5000 kgs. The size and capacity of the lifts can be as per required by the client. We are giving a highly efficient range of goods lift that is used to transfer material from one floor to another. These have huge loading capacity coupled with high speed and smooth running operation. Our range of goods lift is manufactured in compliance with international standards to provide maximum satisfaction to our clients

  • passenger

    A Dumbwaiter is an excellent installation for commercial and residential spaces where laundry, groceries, food, supplies or laundry have to be moved between different floors within a buildings. It’s not always necessary or possible, from a space, requirement and budget perspective, to install an elevator for this particular function. Dumbwaiters are space, time and money-saving units that can be installed either at floor or counter- level and can travel up to 30 feet with ease. We can design and install customized, high grade, functional and long-lasting dumbwaiters that can help you move various items between floors in the most convenient way possible.

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