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Traction Elevators


Traction elevators are lifted by ropes, which pass over a wheel attached to an electric motor above the elevator shaft. They are used for mid and high-rise applications and have much higher travel speeds than hydraulic elevators. Traction units much more suitable for higher-rising, modern buildings. Modern traction elevators use a variable voltage, variable frequency (VVVF) drive to improve ride quality and reduce energy consumption. This is because they use counterweight for balancing the cab’s weight. Geared technology combines a smooth, quiet ride, accurate levelling, and energy efficiency through the use of counterweights. When considering a modernization we will assess the condition of your machines and make recommendations for refurbishment or replacement as required. Traction Lifts are widely used in offices, shopping malls, hospitals and many other places. Moreover, these lifts are easy to operate and are highly functional. We offer these to our clients at industry leading prices.